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Long strapless green dress

I have already passed some years of my graduation party from university, the day of the party was without doubts one of the happiest days of my life. For all girls have had the party or will have, knowing this day is marked of many worries and one of the worries to find the correct dress, once the graduate student has a notable place in the event. Even had passed some years since my graduation party, when i looked at the photos, I realize that the dress I chose is a current trend today.I did a very good choice,to wear a strapless dress. This kind of dress fits so good with me, because of my physical. It fits so good to girls who are very thin and small bust. The color also fits with dark light skin. If you have similar body shape like me, what about getting inspired?

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  1. Tayani says:

    Adorei o blog. Vou acompanhar as suas andanças pelo mundo!