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How to work while traveling: 5 possibilities covering different professions

Hi guys, how are you? Today I came to talk about travels, and how is possible travel when you don’t have much money. If you want travel, know many places, get more culture, don’t let lack money fail your plans, right? I know the first idea when people think in traveling, we think in money, but today I came to show you some opportunities to work while traveling and maybe because I have so many things to explore about this subject, I will share in more posts.

I am graduated in Tourism, and I traveled a lot, the same way a flat attendant travel as consequence of their work, but if you’re not graduated in Tourism and you are not flight attendant, I will show you five different possibilities,meanly for people works in different fields:

Cruises: People speak a lot about cruises, good and bad. Actually have positive and negative points. Everybody works so  much in the ships, since low positions until high. What makes difference is benefits that some positions have, others don’t have. But there are possibilities for many fields, the cruises are big floating hotels. The ships don’t have precarious conditions, the cabins are good, and has private bathroom, hot water, bed, table, wardrobe, air conditioner, television, fridge. The size of cabins depends on ship and position of work, but good facilities you will have.
Working time: it can be six, nine months.
Workfield: Physical Education, gastronomy, photographer, engineering, electricians, IT, teachers.

Worldpackers: They offering programs to travel in return to their work (voluntary, ongs, nature projects), working as paying the accommodation. The costs are pay the ticket, health insurance, visa. Worldpackers says give support for people don’t like the hostels, in case people don’t like the place.
Working time: may vary, has programs of one, two weeks.
Workfield: people can work with hostels or kids, it’s good for those are studying Social Service School.

WWOOF (World wide opportunities farm): This is another program you work in exchange for accommodation, but in farms, learning about agriculture, working in the planting and harvest period, or other activities in the farm,o WWOOF is an intermediator between voluntary and host farms. This kind of program worth because one big expense in travels is accommodation, and in this case you work to have accommodation.
Working time: may vary, can be seven days, sixty days, depends on the agreement.
Workfield: This is nice for those are studying environmental enginnering, agronomy, ecology, rural science, environmental management.

Au Pair: I met people worked as Au Pair in Ireland, United States. They take care of kids and lived with family. I’ve heard nice stories, people got along with families, and had flexible time to get out and enjoy free time.
Working time: may vary, six months, nine months.
Workfield: This is nice for people didn’t start university and likes children.

Circus artist: I met a girl in São Paulo, Brazil, on a course I was doing, she had just arrived from abroad, working in a circus was in Africa. I got little bit impressed, she slept in a container, bought her own air conditioner, without one was impossible sleep, she told me. Travels by trains with circus, reporting a nomadic life, many travels but also much work.
Working time: Circus offers temporary job.
Workfield: actors, acrobatics, musicians, singers, ballet dancers, sound technician.

Fabiane Alves

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  1. Marlon Guedes says:

    Quantas experiências incríveis, confesso que não sabia de metade das opções que mencionou de intercâmbio, devia começar a gravar, muitos como eu pesquisam essas informações direto no YouTube, muito lindo o blog, adorei a página e tudo mais, muito sucesso Fabi!